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Manitowoc is a leading manufacturer of commercial foodservice equipment, particularly known for its production of ice machines, beverage dispensers, and refrigeration units. The company has a long history, with origins dating back to 1902 when it was established in Manitowoc, Wisconsin, USA.

Manitowoc's primary focus is on providing innovative and reliable equipment for the hospitality and foodservice industry. They offer a wide range of products designed to meet the needs of various establishments, including restaurants, hotels, convenience stores, healthcare facilities, and more.

Some of the key products manufactured by Manitowoc include:
  • Ice Machines: Manitowoc produces a diverse line of ice machines, including modular, undercounter, and countertop models. They offer ice machines that produce various types of ice, such as cube ice, nugget ice, and flake ice, catering to different applications and preferences.
  • Beverage Systems: Manitowoc offers a range of beverage dispensers, including soda dispensers and ice/beverage combination dispensers. These systems are designed to provide consistent and high-quality beverage service, ensuring customers have access to refreshing drinks.




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